All it needs is indirect sunlight and water every 2-3 days.Areca Palm: Also known as Butterfly Palm, it is extremely effective at removing indoor toxins like toluene and xylene found in nail paint removers and other correction fluids. To enhance skin quality, heal wounds or sunburns etc. This plant requires indirect sunlight for proper growth. Bamboo Palm only grows five feet tall. Keeping at least 4 to 5 medium-size Snake plant will combat indoor air pollution. It removes toxins like trichloroethylene, formaldehyde and benzene, which comes from vehicle exhaust, paint and stain removers. Besides, daily indoor activities such as cooking, using deodorants, sprays, furniture polish, and dusting can decline the air quality further.Bamboo Palm or Reed Palm: It is a perfect choice when dealing with air pollution. In return, they have so much to offer and a healthy, green plant in a fancy pot is ideal for home decor too!Here are a few indoor plants that serve the purpose:Aloe Vera: Since the time immemorial, people have been using Aloe Vera for several purposes. Also, if you dont want a plant that releases carbon dioxide at night, then put an Aloe Vera in dx cooling unit your bedroom as it releases oxygen at night. Our comfy homes or offices too arent restricted from the air pollutions. Occasional sunlight, little water and the right kind of soil are all it takes to keep these plants happy. It prefers indirect light, minimal fertilisers and enough water to keep the roots moist.Indoor pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, pesticide, disinfectants (phenols), and radon contribute to health problems such as allergies, headaches, fatigue, respiratory disorders and also cancer.Rubber Plant: This vibrant plant is a must have, as it absorbs harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene released from households.

Air is everywhere and so is pollution.. However, a lesser-known fact about this easy-to-grow plant is that it helps in clearing the air from benzene and formaldehyde, the toxic components in the indoor air. It can grow up to 10 to 12 foot long and require proper fertilizers and enough water to keep the roots damp.Snake plant: Also known as Sansevieria, it is an ideal indoor plant as it purifies the air by removing toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and nitrogen oxides. Keep it away from pets and children reach because its sap is toxic if consumed. Do not water this plant much as excessive water can cause root rot.Planting a few indoor plants is a much safer option to cleanse the air at home instead of using air purifiers. Snake plant is very easy to maintain